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Eric Galvan

Idk why old dudes at work brag about getting hit by 277v like bruh. You ain’t cool you dumb smh


2 hours ago

Tom Hoffmann

@BelkinCares I have a pair of 277v carriage lamps currently on a 3 way switch that I would like to replace with a s… https://t.co/3e0npOx2Sb


10 hours ago

Warehouse Lighting 💡

Saturn 1 #LED UFO high bay lights are specifically designed for taller ceilings and larger areas. They focus light… https://t.co/uKlAB10WSF


12 hours ago

Fallen One ~ with A Lamp

RT @TheLoudBank: This ballast is built to last. The SG ballast offers a compact design, to save space in the grow room, and a water-resista…


19 hours ago

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