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Be careful what you say/think. And get employment insurance! (Around £30/year when bolted on with your home insuran… https://t.co/LMUbpfhFFU


3 days ago

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Manu Ginobili

Lebron Lebron Lebron... We take him for granted so often!


1 day ago

Susanne Craig

Just Posted: The NYT has obtained the president’s tax return information for thousands of personal and corporate re… https://t.co/HnngH2Y8MP


9 hours ago


RT @akinyisolavivi2: Why won't she win the show and win the entire world's hrt, a queen that came to be herself show love but they took it…


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𝕭 sasa antek sunu 😠 |

RT @tbzsarangs: #findingdeobis hi! i'm not a new deobi & i'm not new to stan twt but i've decided to make an acc only for tbz. i tweet upd…


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