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Balaji Power Press tweets

Ariana Grande

Did press all day today! Sorry for the lack of tweets, i hope yall have had a good day ily! What's gooood?


5 years ago

Joel Osteen

When you’re at peace, you have power. When you’re at rest, God can fight your battles for you.


5 years ago


La foto de una madre y su hija quemadas con ácido conmueve al público del World Press[GALERÍA] http://t.co/HanWCtlOFX http://t.co/2hLSNpuzah


5 years ago

Keri Hilson

I believe God WANTS to show us His power. I believe that He LOVES when you believe in His abilities to change things!! Give him ROOM! Faith.


5 years ago

Best of Virgo

#Virgo are the power brokers of the zodiac. They keep a straight head, practice practicality, and give great advice.


5 years ago

Disney Words

Love is a river when you fall. It's the greatest power of all. –Cinderella (Cinderella 3)


5 years ago

Cloyd Rivers

My finger wasn't built to press "1" for English. Merica.


5 years ago