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Best Rc Plane For Kids tweets

Cloyd Rivers

I'm goin' as a Democrat for Halloween. When kids knock, I'll take half their candy to give to folks too lazy to go trick-or-treatin'. Merica


7 years ago

To The Kids Who...

here's to the kids who hate getting attached to people


7 years ago

Students Problems

Only 3 types of people tell the truth: 1) Kids 2) The drunk 3) The angry


7 years ago


Before Peyton & Eli Manning were Super Bowl-winning QBs, they were two kids on home videos. » http://t.co/BqVfx7nTiP #BookofManning


7 years ago


Mark Wahlberg, who dropped out of high school in the 9th grade, received his diploma at the age of 42 to set an example for his kids.


7 years ago

Floyd Mayweather

I'm the happiest I have ever been. My Mom is happy, I'm cool with my Dad and my kids are getting a great education.


7 years ago

She Ratchet ™

our kids will probably go to a middle school dance and theme is the 2010’s they'll wear leggings with ugg boots and twerk to call me maybe


7 years ago