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Best Way To Clean A Keurig tweets


The most effective way to clean a Keurig. You saw it here first! http://t.co/VFTsBI5a9N


10 years ago

Michael Baumann

If there was a dead spider in your @keurig but you use a filter, does that mean it is still clean? #grossedout


10 years ago

Marcus Ray

still buying K cups for keurig? STOP. Get the reuseable. I've been asked is it easy to clean. Take a look http://t.co/t80cwczBJg


10 years ago

Ben Crozier

Anyone know how to clean a keurig


10 years ago

Sharon Shirk

@ryanvaughan worst start to a morning! I have a Keurig and forgot to put my cup under the spout once...horrible clean up!


10 years ago