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Peter Daou

STOLEN ELECTION: The idea that Russians did more than just influence voters' minds is gaining traction. My friend… https://t.co/iZQLpCzuVC


1 day ago

Syed Talat Hussain

Ugly people spreading ugly rumours that I somehow 'occupy' a cricket ground. مکمل بکواس The ground in question belo… https://t.co/6ub4LulD0D


2 hours ago

Seth Abramson

15/ The Kremlin has no shortage of lobbyists and agents registered with the U.S. government, who try to convince Am… https://t.co/oVP7vuhHKK


7 hours ago


@mhehoh @sammy_ynwa @bobcollymore @SafaricomPLC What about changing or even removing your registered line with your bank?


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