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Life is like Twitter. I just have to post what I feel, retweet the good memories, delete the drama, and follow my dreams.


7 years ago

Hakan Şükür

Aslolan Galatasaray diyenler ile aslolanı unutanlar arasinda incebir cizgi vardir Ve gercekleri silemezsiniz ve o gercekleri hep tarih yazar


7 years ago


10000 retweets for this post and i will back to Gambit ! lets see guys if u rly want me to back!


7 years ago

Evelyn Lozada

Why is it that people who post the most quotes on IG are the most full of sh*t! #STOP ✋


7 years ago


Announcing Instagram for iOS 7 http://t.co/q4pqgISukw


7 years ago

KötüKedi Şerafettin

Aşk sözle başlar, dudak ile beslenir, dokuz ay sonra baba diye seslenir.


7 years ago

Shay Mitchell

I WANT YOU to submit your most fashionable post for a chance to be featured on my blog! http://t.co/WzFG5fVDsv http://t.co/U1mdE2gqDg


7 years ago