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Dell Penny Markt tweets

Disney Words

Faith makes things turn out right. –Penny (The Rescuers)


5 years ago


A penny costs 2.4 cents to manufacture.


5 years ago

Sheldon Cooper

—Penny no puedo dormir. Cántame Soft Kitty. —¿Quieres que le cante a un monitor? —¿Prefieres cantarme en persona? — http://t.co/0xdC4eoP8B


5 years ago

The Rapper Emulator

#RapLike @CapitalSTEEZ_ I wanna thank Abraham, what he did was legitimate But just cuz ur inside a penny, does that make you innocent?


5 years ago


perché fino a qualche giorno fa la mia timeline bestemmiava per colpa dell'american express ed oggi avete tutti il biglietto?


5 years ago

Life Cheating

If you want extra motivation to save money, understand that a penny saved is actually worth MORE than a penny earned due to taxes.


5 years ago

Mario Monti

Inaccettabile un Pdl che si presenta come sentinella antitasse. Ha ricattato il governo su #Imu rendendo inevitabile l'aumento dell'#Iva ST


5 years ago