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Driven Perfection tweets

Brett Robson

❤ U! You are driven & ambitious. Who needs a bf! “@janine_j: Tonight. Me. Rom-com DVD. Sushi. Blankie. Perfection”


9 years ago

Pinky Khurana

Hydraulic Heavy Drum Lifter: Driven with perfection, we are engaged in offering an extensive range of Hydraulic ... http://t.co/hGGsOaPl


9 years ago

Brandi Muhammad

Mood: Driven to Succeed.Perfection is fine, to strive toward!!!!


9 years ago

lois scott

Its a shame todays world is driven by perfection,me included don't think twice on how much I pay for hair,make up,but is confidence there?


9 years ago

Becca Moore

Never waste ur time trying to perfect anything that is expected of u, perfection should only ever be expended if its driven entirely by wit


9 years ago

Shug Avery

Happy AKAversary to my beautiful, driven, and amazing LSs, Fall 2010 The Esteemed 19: Made To Perfection! ****-Your Timely Linesister ⌚


9 years ago

Tyler Humphrey

Ugh, my compulsory perfection in Hitman: Absolution has driven me to play the game for 11 hours, yet only be halfway through.


9 years ago