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Abdulbaqi Jari

Today is world's #MotherLanguageDay. In 1960s, Hausa language had just about 23 million speakers, today there are m… https://t.co/j4epsulUOZ


2 days ago

DW Environment

New measurements show that, as the world warms, glaciers are retreating massively – and the risk of avalanches incr… https://t.co/BE8m3PmYgr


54 minutes ago

DW فارسی

با افزایش ناآرامی‌ها و حرکت‌های اعتراضی در تونس، عمر البشیر در سرتاسر کشور وضعیت فوق‌العاده اعلام کرد. معترضان در ک… https://t.co/yLn14W52XY


6 hours ago

Luis Eduardo Ayala M

Scientists rediscover world's largest bee in Indonesia | DW | 21.02.2019 https://t.co/1PxhdgCTci


17 minutes ago

abzisdaking2k14 in an uncertain place...

RT @ShaneLay01: https://t.co/h6ctuwUNHo Mobile World Congress is about conversations, not devices


24 minutes ago

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Marco Rubio

Si alguien en #Venezuela puede identificar a este hombre vestido de soldado por favor enviarme su nombre. Quiero as… https://t.co/BuB95ZbTBZ


1 day ago


【再び】『銀魂』またも完結できず、続きはアプリで配信へ h- ttps://t.co/qZiaaJ8i56 担当編集は- 「1号目の原稿待機中、DBパロが6ページ分だったのを見たと- き」に3号目までで完結しないのでは?と気付いたと明かした。


1 day ago

Chuck Turner

RT @IngrahamAngle: 5 House Democrats took $60,000 trip to South Africa for Beyoncé concert, records show | Fox News https://t.co/scCD0fduBq


just now

Mr. Phillips 🦎🐢🐝

@NorthernFrog3 @starstrickenSF My wife’s brother is a metro officer and did the same. I had and have nothing to hid… https://t.co/GNLVJZuY29


just now

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