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History has shown, @scottadamssays, that if you want to protect the nice people from having their rights taken away… https://t.co/UH7Ck37wSu


2 days ago

Joe Conservative

Bringing The Outdoors In by Scott Adams https://t.co/2FlkUBO8lB via @Dilbert_Daily


26 minutes ago


RT @doirbh: @Stuart19671 @jonlis1 Reminds me of this. ‘Of all my projects I like the doomed ones best’ https://t.co/Rhp1egaZOC. https://…


37 minutes ago

Lukas Eder

@RichardWarburto I have, but see, my overall attitude wasn't too well appreciated in that field… https://t.co/UVbbjknzbT


40 minutes ago

Jordi Castan

RT @dilbertstrip: Comic for December 18, 2018 #dilbert https://t.co/cjVBOWSIeG https://t.co/C2pNSjngyj


52 minutes ago

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Jake Tapper

NYT: "The voter suppression effort was focused particularly on Sanders supporters and African-Americans, urging the… https://t.co/zFLdEggVOt


21 hours ago


U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson’s legal team says the number of uncounted vote-by-mail ballots exceeded incoming Sen. Rick Sc… https://t.co/4dirq0IgGN


1 day ago

Philadelphia Flyers

OFFICIAL: The #Flyers have relieved Dave Hakstol of his duties as head coach. Scott Gordon will serve as head coach… https://t.co/RUuDErLfKW


16 hours ago

Jazz Singh

RT @Inc: Successful leaders lose their followers when they hide this 1 thing, according to Harvard research @scott_mautz https://t.co/046xZ…


just now

Denise Oliver-Velez

RT @SteveLemongello: Voicemail on Rick Scott's support of Puerto Rico statehood: "Wow. Scott needs to have a referendum of the citizens of…


just now

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