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cosito de la pizza

- Profe puedo ir al baño? - Para que? - No se, capaz para abrir la cámara de los secretos, PELOTUDA.


7 years ago

▲Horóscopo Negro▲

#GÉMINIS:demasiado explosivo.Para todo.Te estresas demasiado cuando no ves la salida.T bloqueas y no sabes hacia donde ir.Pero sales de todo


7 years ago

God Posts

You will never know until you try. Don't be scared of trying new things. God will open the door but you have to walk through it.


7 years ago


I open and close the fridge door slowly to see how the light is on.


7 years ago

The Next Web

Google Summer of Code has produced 50 million lines of open source code from over 8,500 student developers http://t.co/fE5HMRXqqw by @epro


7 years ago

So Damn Relatable!

If I open up to you, then you're probably special.


7 years ago


I hate it when I open myself up to the wrong people...


7 years ago