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Homer Simpson Scala Mobile tweets

Jay Bilas

This for my homies, make a living on they mobile phone. Grind hard 'til your earrings cost a mobile home. I gotta go to work.


8 years ago

عُلا الفارس

http://t.co/6NxssDrKSu المصحف كاملاً - الشيخ ماهرالمعيقلي صدقه جاريه لجميع المسلمين الأحياء منهم والأموات


8 years ago

Just Jared Jr.

Cody Simpson: 'Cloudy 2' Premiere After Emmy Suite: @CodySimpson arrives at the premiere of… http://t.co/eXfaB8AKLN


8 years ago

Postureo Madrid

Un día más de puñetera F1 en vez de Los Simpson.


8 years ago


セ・リーグ連覇です!胴上げで、原監督が8度、宙に舞いました- 。原監督が優勝監督インタビューにこたえています。「まだまだ- 戦い半ば。まだ戦いは続きます。声援お願いします」 http://t.co/kSZ9BVYULC


8 years ago

buttefly BoY

hey my dear SuG is back!!I made a new account.Please follow it!! and tell overseas fan this account!! https://t.co/gcDlCp- uZNe


8 years ago

Google Facts

O.J. Simpson was going to be the Terminator, but was cut because the director couldn't imagine him as a ruthless killer.


8 years ago