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How To Make Potions tweets

jeremy acevedo

I liked a @YouTube video from @setosorcerer http://t.co/nfJmyYvo Minecraft 1.4 - How to make Invisibility and Night Vision potions


6 years ago

Allison Brien

@HollidayH_PJ {laughs} I'm sure we will be. You could sometimes teach some magic formulas and how to make potions {smirks}


6 years ago

Troy Dolmetsch

@J_net2 reminiscing at the house about how we used to make good-smelling potions together ****


6 years ago


I can't use cauldrons until I've learned how to make polyjuice potions. r u d e


6 years ago

Lucius Malfoy

@HeadSnape Well how was I suppose to remember that! This is why I dont try to make potions! {Pouts}


6 years ago

Arthur Kirkland

@SotaNice @mapledaydream -smiles softy- why don't I teach you how to make potions and concoctions?~


6 years ago

Miranda Barma

@IrisNightray I only know how to make potions, poisons and antidotes


6 years ago