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Outraged Against the Machine

@ndrew_lawrence @KFILE If 78 is the max number, then 77 is 99% of that. That graph belongs on https://t.co/QM5vja8whY.


11 hours ago


having a girlfriend is like having a personal https://t.co/yZohEtfJWW . i just always have something cute and wholesome and silly to look at


13 hours ago

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City Girl.

If I’m overwhelmed I’m going to sleep & hopefully the problem solved by the time I wake up.


17 hours ago

Narendra Modi

आजादी के महान सेनानी शहीद भगत सिंह को उनकी जन्म-जयंती पर विनम्र श्रद्धांजलि। The brave Bhagat Singh lives in the h… https://t.co/tPPujpkycv


13 hours ago

Adam Parkhomenko

I wanted to let this go but I wish the New York Times cared a fraction as much about a memo outlining a coup attemp… https://t.co/VR21e0uphO


14 hours ago


RT @LilAnna_: @NhNard uk i gotta go too far 😂


just now

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