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Judd Legum

Since we are talking about Trump and racism today, I'll just mention that Trump has accepted over $2,000 in campaig… https://t.co/zVr8kTKb75


21 hours ago

Denver Police Dept.

#Denver, can you help investigators #FindLoki? Loki was taken from his owner at gunpoint. If you have any info abou… https://t.co/MrOoW9kvEJ


1 day ago

Judd Legum

UPDATE: Trump campaign accepts MORE CASH from a notorious neo-Nazi leader The campaign has now accepted $2,043.50… https://t.co/uvOJjuSeL9


2 days ago

Ark of Info 2

RT @HansMahncke: How is it that DOJ determined not to get a warrant on the Clinton Foundation because it would've been based on a book with…


1 minute ago


🎧 Listen to this @IFPRI's #podcast Research Talks🎙️ and learn how the implementation of #cashtransfer programs can… https://t.co/FM97waItwU


4 minutes ago

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