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Heroes of the Horn

The Wheel of Time has no dragons ... seriously ... click to watch: https://t.co/0hwy2EYkdM #Twit- terofTime… https://t.co/vTn061XXIi


15 hours ago


Celebrity Social Media Round-Up for September 17, 2021 - LaineyGossip https://t.co/BLgXg9qxUC


1 day ago

Alexis Kim Carrozza

@ellewcee Keeping this thread alive to let you know the podcast has @LaineyGossip’s approval: https://t.co/fy2e5iirYL


1 day ago

Sarah Marrs

Kate Dolan's You Are Not My Mother is creepy Halloween horror rooted in Irish folklore. https://t.co/ktnS0- BJLRW // @LaineyGossip


1 day ago

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UN News

.@BTS_twt superstars are ready to participate in the UN General Assembly #UNGA76 Don't miss their message to the… https://t.co/CaRB0dcf8V


1 day ago

Jake Hanrahan

Taliban in Bamyan Province… (These photos are real) https://t.co/oWHJXDpVfZ


19 hours ago

Occupy Democrats

BREAKING NEWS: Texas doctor admits that he recently performed an abortion in violation of the new ban, saying he “h… https://t.co/ZOsLCCEJH2


12 hours ago


RT @BTSdailyinfo: [PHOTOS] 210919 @BTS_twt [BTS] 방탄소년단, 추석 연휴보다 달다! (1/4) #BTS #RM #JIN 🔗 (https://t.co/n7nP4aItFg) https://t.co/xtWUk…


just now

Monalisa #VIVAOSUS

RT @nadanovonofront: Os bolsonaristas odeiam Paulo Freire porque no dia em que o pensamento de Paulo Freire for aplicado de fato em toda a…


just now

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