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David Cassidy Forever

@scottishmaggs @davidcassidyILY @TheIncredibleDC @DavidRockMe @DavidCassidy70 @EllaBella200 @SmartKehan… https://t.co/qYtEJBUwMw


1 day ago

Joseph Loves Sia ❤️

@SiaTheBot @haydenepp @SiaFurlerQueen0 @V8Landrover101 @siafansfrance @dolls_sia Yes. I got my bootleg from… https://t.co/u3qkbw6toF


1 day ago


@pilar_diz Hi Pilar- If you have an issue with an order, you can report a problem and we will alert the seller. Co… https://t.co/8nREDx4bEr


1 day ago

Vерониkа 🇷🇺🇺🇸

@79534679117wood @arctic_lane https://t.co/CF4j4w5PA3 посмотрите, вроде есть доставка в россию


1 day ago

nakamora roh

@ioffer i did the job for you. seller: https://t.co/TFpSngWZYc his selling account is closed. payments his cust… https://t.co/qCUnPnT8yx


1 day ago

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타블로 | Tablo of Epik High

이소라 선배님을 위해 곡을 쓸 수 있어서 행복합니다. 많은 분들에게 위로가 되길 바랍니다. Honored to write a song for LeeSoRa. Hope it gives many people… https://t.co/5GlYn5G809


3 hours ago

NCT 127

Thank you @ritaora! It was a pleasure meeting you💚 #NCT127 #NCT #RitaOra https://t.co/C87rLWprK1


5 hours ago

Dan Bongino

CODELS are a huge SCAM on the taxpayer. Don’t fall for this nonsense. They’re glorified vacations, using government… https://t.co/CTiFiprgRF


2 hours ago


Finally watched that @iamcardib IG video about the #govermentshutdown and I made the mistake of reading some of the… https://t.co/Hr2ssk8OaS


just now

Sherrielle Monroe

RT @RawStory: First lady Melania Trump flying to Mar-a-Lago after president cancels Nancy Pelosi's visit to Afghanistan: report https://t.…


just now

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