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Tyler Oakley

Stumbling upon an ex's online presence always turns into trying to decide whether you're their one that got away or they're yours.


5 years ago


RT for a follow on @Harry_Styles ! I'm sorry I'm barely online these days! I'll try my best for you guys. x


5 years ago

Best Movie Lines

"You fight like a younger man, with nothing held back. Admirable but mistaken." -Bane 'The Dark Knight Rises' 2012


5 years ago

Disney Words

Try something that scares you. You might like it. –Professor Knight (Monsters University)


5 years ago

The Notebook

Im a teen. I have a messy room. I spend most of my time online. I have private things on my cell. I go to bed late & Im crazy about 1 person


5 years ago

Senator Ted Cruz

A special thanks to everyone who got active online over the past 20 hours to #MakeDCListen


5 years ago

Life Cheating

When ordering a pizza online at Papa Johns, enter the promo code "TOUCHDOWN" to get your next large pizza free. It's good through 9/29/13.


5 years ago