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Lerato Seutloadi ✊

This looks scary. Someone call the Minister of Health. I thought we only had listorious, manje what's this? Looks… https://t.co/MmmanoCmIo


2 days ago

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Chris Hayes

A crucial point I can’t emphasize enough. With few exceptions, very few, there is no public safety reason to detain… https://t.co/VjOvWY8PgI


18 hours ago

Bill Kristol

A member of Congress swears to "support and defend the Constitution of the United States" and "well and faithfully… https://t.co/qQgKOYJYFr


7 hours ago

Lauren Duca

Infest. To describe human beings. The president is an unabashed white supremacist, and journalists have no valid re… https://t.co/PaaIsRLeS9


1 day ago

Leila Zeghdane

RT @Salimouuh: j'aime les relations où on peut agir comme des idiots, parler de n'importe quoi, partager de la musique et ne jamais se lass…


just now


RT @joelpollak: But... but... the Democrats and the media said there was "no law" requiring Trump to do this? Now they say there's a law h…


just now

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