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Donald J. Trump

Thank you @RandPaul. “The President has gone through a year and a half of totally partisan investigations - what’s he supposed to think?”


4 hours ago

David Frum

At this point, disclosure of Trump's tax returns has become a crucial national security/counter-intelligence concern


6 hours ago


Former President Obama: “I believe in Nelson Mandela’s vision. I believe in a vision shared by Gandhi and King and… https://t.co/Ru81sjwL2F


4 hours ago


RT @fawfulfan: I don't know what's more pathetic: his denial, or the fact he needed to write it down. https://t.co/6Br3aPFUP7


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RT @pooleejones: i love that twitter has the feature where you can see which mutuals liked what tweets randomly. it’s really helped me real…


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Stephanie Ruhle

Russia is NOT a rising power They are our 30th largest trading partner - BEHIND UAE & Chile They remain in a stat… https://t.co/SZNyJsahoX


1 day ago

Nick Jack Pappas

Republicans in Congress today: "Well, I'm not really happy that the President is a traitor to our country, but so… https://t.co/tvnNzavt38


1 day ago

Michael Morell

POTUS’s refusal today to stand with the men and women of the Intelligence Community with regard to Putin’s interfer… https://t.co/GMjlnubum2


22 hours ago


RT @yotatruck03: I recently broke up with my girlfriend because she didn’t know how I like my coffee I like my coffee the same way I like…


just now

Zaher Toumi MD

RT @Mpmok: T2 I think a minimum of two years as this allows opportunity for weight to stablilise. Ideally, longer follow-up is needed to fu…


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