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Jon Stewart Totally Rejects Notion Trump Shouldn’t Be Indicted Because Doing So Would Make Him a ‘Martyr’: We Eithe… https://t.co/IzeNcbvb4C


1 day ago

Jennifer "Pro-privacy" Rubin

THIS: Jon Stewart Totally Rejects Notion Trump Shouldn't Be Indicted Because Doing So Would Make Him a 'Martyr': We… https://t.co/Xu357RDS5k


1 day ago


‘Absolutely Awful!’ Brian Kilmeade Calls Trump ‘Insane’ for Defending January 6th Rioters at Waco Rally https://t.co/LtfDgoNdcl


1 day ago

Max Twain

@TheRickWilson If Rick's speaking, he's wrong. https://t.co/cnYFcHfd- 7Q


just now

marilyn c

Matt Taibbi's Home Visited By IRS the Day He Gave Twitter Files Testimony https://t.co/6Z2bSHxHXn Did any MSM news source cover this story?


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No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen

Woah. A mother in Nashville just took over a live stream on Fox News to call out Republicans’ opposition to gun ref… https://t.co/kB5pdBn1ZI


20 hours ago

Robert Reich

The NRA buys off Congress. No action on guns. The oil industry buys off Congress. No action on climate. Insurance… https://t.co/yzyyrpFVmw


17 hours ago


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23 hours ago


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