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Kyle Griffin

Lindsey Graham: Firing Mueller would ‘probably’ be an impeachable offense. https://t.co/JJh5GnHt4I


1 day ago

John Ziegler

Since Karen McDougal is back in the news today & she really wants to talk, here's my column from couple of weeks ag… https://t.co/oBxfNXU4Zt


1 day ago

Don Lemon

If @realDonaldTrump wasn’t president he’d be calling @MichaelAvenatti to be on #CelebrityApprentice. https://t.co/bQNhqCprLz


1 day ago

Mike Walker

Colbert Mocks Don Jr.’s Alleged Affair: ‘You Know You’re In Trouble When Trump Is Giving You Marriage Advice’… https://t.co/52i9f8uLZY


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Super Nintendo Chalmers

RT @Mediaite: Twitter Reacts to Trump, Biden Challenging Each Other to a Fight: ‘2020 Is Going to be Lit’ https://t.co/EfGMDkRuy9 https://t…


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Donald J. Trump

I called President Putin of Russia to congratulate him on his election victory (in past, Obama called him also). Th… https://t.co/GZNDtLqkop


16 hours ago


[NEWS] 부석순(SEVENTEEN) DIGITAL SINGLE '거침없이'가 발매되었습니다. 캐럿 여러분의 많은 사랑 부탁드립니다. https://t.co/QsRV4GLs- 2i #부석순 #BSS… https://t.co/TThd5Fq4oW


1 day ago

Steven Kenneth Jones

RT @TeaPainUSA: BOOM! The Smokin' Gun gets hotter by the minute! Trump's data team ran a flea market for stolen emails. #CrookedDonald h…


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RT @F365: Mourinho suggests that 'anyone with a brain can see that United are still in transition'. Diego doesn't look convinced... https…


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