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Joël M. M

@H_Sarrazin @Aliyah01150546 Il y a un rendez vous en effet dans un avenir pas trop lointain où les betes et suryout… https://t.co/vAp1t1DCVB


20 hours ago

Enjoy Emjay

@bourret_claude Il y a effectivement plusieurs prophéties qui s'accomplissent. Le conflit Israélo-palestinien est u… https://t.co/mDUeGsWcV0


2 days ago

life neurotic with steve's issues

@jordanbpeterson imaginary apocalypse. like tel meggido the apocalypse your christian followers see coming the on… https://t.co/YMQ25i01St


2 days ago

Dante Malfoy

@Andyhorror1969 Why make a prequel, when they can just make a new movie with Alexander as the AntiChrist? Probably… https://t.co/wgg6SZPTwb


2 days ago

ACLU of The United States

In fact, about you. The unfoing of the nation's and the uprising of the peoples in the war of meggido they talk abo… https://t.co/sNOLcrCTMd


3 days ago

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