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Aaron Derfel

While Quebec dithered, B.C. sprung into action: Excellent overview in the @mtlgazette by @ReneBruemmer of the star… https://t.co/ElMtlgG2il


6 hours ago

André Picard

.@DrBonnieHenry vs. @ArrudaHoracio: What B.C. can teach Quebec about controlling #Covid19, by @ReneBruemmer… https://t.co/iogZ1KjzRo


8 hours ago


RT @RobertQc: La comparaison du vécu au Canada, est tellement importante qu'il faudrait présenter le texte au complet. Quelqu'un qui a déj…


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RT @PauleRobitaille: En plus de l’excellent article de @LP_LaPresse ce matin, une autre excellente analyse comparative de l’action des gov.…


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Donald J. Trump

Much more “disinformation” coming out of CNN, MSDNC, @nytimes and @washingtonpost, by far, than coming out of any f… https://t.co/Ox9kmDSqjv


2 hours ago


新型コロナの影響で売り上げが減少した飲食店の支援のため、山- 梨県富士吉田市でウマで弁当を配達するサービスが行われていま- す。 「ウーマーイーツ」と名付けられたこのサービスで、配達- する荷車を引くのは地元の神社で飼育されている馬の「ベート… https://t.co/S7BNGdPh21


1 day ago

Donald J. Trump

Here we go again. Fake News @CNN is blaming RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA. They are sick losers with VERY bad ratings! P.S… https://t.co/yXqTGJtaQu


4 hours ago

Robert N, M.Ed.

More Good News! Just finished updating from the "C" states and now the US has completed >17.1M CCP Wuhan virus test… https://t.co/0aFLVlwV8S


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Lauren Mayk

RT @NBCPhiladelphia: WATCH: After flooding N. Broad Street where a police cruiser was lit on fire, protesters have moved to the Frank Rizzo…


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