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New Found Friend tweets


Canada's CTV can't tell difference between Iran and Iraq (found in friend's instagram) http://t.co/RIpLpkudcG


7 years ago

Kevin Goldstein

Also found out a friend landed his dream gig today (non-baseball). If you don't like the standard path in life, find your own and work it.


7 years ago

Cross the line if...

Cross the line if you like your best friend a lot, but you recently found out that she got back with her ex.


7 years ago

Alexi Lalas

Just found out my new friend @ActionBronson is a fellow ginger. Long live the mutant gene...and Kissena Blvd.!


7 years ago

Sara Mahone

Austin didnt need a show to be found! All he had was his guitar, best friend & his mahomies Austin Mahone #breakoutartist #PeoplesChioce


7 years ago

Bilal Ali Ansari

If you find a friend whose company brings you closer to Allah, never let them go for you have found a rarity of limitless value.


7 years ago


[OTHER] Latest memory that made you happy P.O: When I found out my friend, Song Minho, will finally be able to debut http://t.co/GuQhZqkRDs


7 years ago