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ADD Crusher

ADD Why finishing a big project is so hard: https://t.co/Nnm0qlVsZK  @Rands


23 hours ago

Carlos Macasaet

Spidey Sense https://t.co/iuPp1Uifyp by @rands


4 days ago

cannaweedness || unnamed 🦇

#INTJ, and nerds, are not (necessarily) socially inept. It’s just that your “giddiness” is... messy. A mess I hav… https://t.co/6zHfobOXhs


1 week ago

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Yusuf Abramjee

Report cellphone tower battery theft. If you see something, say something. These criminals are targeting the towers… https://t.co/Q9DBLiJXbS


6 hours ago

Yusuf Abramjee

Millions of rands of cellphone tower batteries are being stolen every month. This must be stopped!! If you see some… https://t.co/H7FM8sFjjN


1 day ago


Une journée particulièrement éprouvante s'achève. Saluer une dernière fois la mémoire d'Anthoine était important.… https://t.co/RUNyAjSNBf


6 days ago

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