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Get Lighthouse

Great food for thought from @rands "The New Manager Death Spiral" https://t.co/joJhqodw40


1 day ago


https://t.co/oU2FmT9fwU interesting read that was recently shared with me. Are your shields down? #jobs #employment #happiness


4 days ago

Larry Wright

This is almost 12 years old, but it’s still great: The Makers of Things https://t.co/LjOHMmGBkB


5 days ago

Sam Spurrell

The Update, The Vent, and The Disaster - https://t.co/pOkycsOBsx


5 days ago

Grokking Money

Lists https://t.co/AsaYQoyZDI #FakeNotebook https://t.co/ns3z2Gtppv


6 days ago

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Julien Denormandie

Merci @olivierdam1 pour ce rapport sur le mal-être chez les agriculteurs. Tout repose sur l’accompagnement & l’iden… https://t.co/PeOHsevyHz


1 day ago

Jean-Frédéric Poisson

📚« Loin de se limiter à une démarche partisane, son programme repose sur une réelle appréciation du bien commun... … https://t.co/u7aAlCyzth


1 day ago

Habib Beye

Tu es un géant, tu as soulevé nos cœurs en 2002 et tu resteras à JAMAIS le 1er buteur du Sénégal en CDM. Repose en… https://t.co/Dzj0yhI4s1


4 days ago

Personal Injury Law

Pennsylvania Appellate Court Rejects Application of the Statute of Repose in Effect in the State Where an Injury Oc… https://t.co/kj5F43JPh4


just now

Samuel UnP'titTweet

Demain non, on se repose le samedi https://t.co/lGTi3czgAC


just now

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