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The Lead Learner

How to Rands https://t.co/Qpv64RPcSL


21 hours ago

Henning Jacobs @ KubeCon EU

"Shields Down" - thanks to @dehora for mentioning it https://t.co/xCxSbaA9tS


2 days ago

Bill de hÓra

If you are manager that just didn't help an engineer on staking that claim, well: https://t.co/nmMAQXvl6U


2 days ago


I have never read an article that more clearly defines my entire state of existence. Uncanny. If you're a nerd, do… https://t.co/mUTA42WrWu


3 days ago

Tom Klaasen

@NancyDVogelaere Iets als dit? https://t.co/C7AWwMeTS5


5 days ago

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The Lead Learner

How to Recruit – Rands in Repose https://t.co/rdP8DYZ24G


6 days ago

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