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Matt Baxter

What a great narrative of teams working on hard projects. “We’re a team. There’s a mountain that no one has ever c… https://t.co/ocyqREfvSW


21 hours ago

Kenneth Larsen 🌸

"The defining characteristic of the great relief is the sense of immediate progress. After days or weeks of careful… https://t.co/KgZuG6xzHq


1 day ago

Nadeem Shabir 🌷

“What’s the last thing you built when you got that high? You know that high I’m talking about? It’s staring at a th… https://t.co/0T2yM822Bs


1 day ago

Taylor Dorsett

Ok. So, You Can't Decide. https://t.co/ukuEzKft27


1 day ago

brett g porter

@itstommymorgan Are you on the Rands leadership slack? I think that you’d really dig it; thousands of wicked smart… https://t.co/0c1xGhBePc


2 days ago

Latest tweets mentioning “Rands in Repose”


The Builder’s High – Rands in Repose 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 “In that moment of consideration, you’re making an important decision… https://t.co/NOGu3SpvfH


2 days ago

Patrick Pena

A great reminder from @rands that writing is also building. Makes me miss writing! The Builder’s High – Rands in Re… https://t.co/7CiOtyp47A


5 days ago

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