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Jen Bunk

This is what happened when @rands asked what good managers do... #leadership #twitterwisdom https://t.co/mcowryxlCD


2 days ago

swyx 🇸🇬

the management version of the Joel Test // The Rands Test https://t.co/QuMADBBBOH


2 days ago

Trevor Atkins

RT @septemel09: "What sets exceptional QA testers apart?" - The QA Mindset https://t.co/ZlQurvsSPo #testing https://t.co/p9XlI6RkJl


3 days ago

Chris Hubbs

https://t.co/B4ksUOzdVc https://t.co/XH85ENPlji


3 days ago

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Jeff Fajans

The Update, The Vent, and The Disaster – Rands in Repose https://t.co/8Ie3wUutUq


1 week ago

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