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Andrew Turner

@chrisalbon @rands has a slack for managers. https://t.co/9t7Xc- w8k7G His blog posts formed a lot of my early mana… https://t.co/anU96KzzXM


8 hours ago

Jon Moss

Really feeling this today: “No one celebrates when nothing happens.” https://t.co/JwRAg- rLees


2 days ago

Jim Toepel

@radicallyrach My favorite community online is the rands leadership slack. 1000s of reasonable and helpful people. https://t.co/DaYLOkW- Bnh


3 days ago

Grokking Money

The One About Writing a Book, Pt. 2 https://t.co/xZvTaeozTH #TheImportantThing https://t.co/FQ8DSfbTXy


1 week ago

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Ambassade d'Israël

Toutes nos pensées à sa famille et à ses proches aujourd'hui jour des obsèques de @ClaudeGoasguen L'hymne israélien… https://t.co/SHk5qaTk5e


5 hours ago

Missy Ryan

National Guard Bureau: there are now ~4,500 National Guard troops from D.C. and 10 states 'in repose to civil unres… https://t.co/ZOv0jDObY3


1 day ago

Maria Popova

“There is something revealing in the insistence with which a people will question itself during certain periods of… https://t.co/zqmiqO7du9


1 day ago

African Gurl / BLM ✊🏾✊🏾

RT @RaieYaie: Je repose juste cette magnifique photo une dernière fois #KohLanta2020 https://t.co/rActgvupWs


just now


RT @RaieYaie: Je repose juste cette magnifique photo une dernière fois #KohLanta2020 https://t.co/rActgvupWs


just now

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