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Canon USA Imaging

@UrbanUmbrella29 The serial number is also stored IN your photos, and is on your box, but taking a photo of it is a great way to keep track!


2 hours ago

Garmin Fitness

@TripBY Sorry for the delays in getting back to you! Our team doesn't manage that box, but we'd be glad to look int… https://t.co/tRFAhBFUvL


4 hours ago

Phil Williams

@Richard_GP nope (and we're outstanding!). We have to log serial numbers when clinicians take a box of scripts, the… https://t.co/lHrGc8DyTU


5 hours ago

Phil Williams

@Richard_GP check the box - it's only the last few digits change, so i wonder whether the box contains them mixed u… https://t.co/0MMYlfSVlR


5 hours ago

Top Shelf Breaks

Monday day break 2017 Immaculate Football RANDOM serial # box #102 https://t.co/Od5nGMZMVh


6 hours ago

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The Dodo

These heroes will do ANYTHING - jump in an icy river, break into a car, form a human chain - to save a dog’s life 🐶… https://t.co/5FzGQGDXO7


1 day ago


People outside of NYC: TERRORISM!!!!! New Yorkers: Dude’s a loser with a crappy bomb who’s crowning life achievemen… https://t.co/vET4e46Mbb


7 hours ago


Life itself is miracle


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