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Lorraine Longhi 🌵

Someone really took the crust off the pizza and left the rest of the slice in the box... “We may have a serial kil… https://t.co/mni2wPXccX


6 days ago

frank lucas

The serial number don't match the gift box's


39 minutes ago

🔺 Mark Hellewell 🔺

@shieladixon On the subject of Silver Label 64s... Check out Commodore 64 Silver Label - Serial # 633… https://t.co/56d13N8AMF


1 hour ago

Sophie Hannah

@samatlounge Yes! Serial Box released it as Serial, and Hodder bought from SB to publish in UK.


1 hour ago

Sam Missingham

@sophiehannahCB1 Did this book come from your collab on Serial Box?


1 hour ago

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When God is doing all the work in my life but allowing me to stunt like it’s my talent alone. https://t.co/lhS8nq3bVj


1 day ago

Mark Meadows

When someone shows you where they stand, believe them. Democrats have repeatedly made it clear they want to contro… https://t.co/tZx50YnGmO


23 hours ago

conan gray

hey guys just announcing that due to personal reasons nobody is allowed to be mean to me ever again my whole entire life. thanks!


12 hours ago

Nelma joy Mana-ay

RT @Alco_Guerrero: Tibagin ang internet! Ulit hehe (Uy fun lang ta ha). #TWBAMayWardIsReal https://t.co/dVkH2IwM0J


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