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Paul Kidd

Dr @trentyarwood is opting out, and so should you. The #MyHealthRecord opt-out period starts today. Experts say a b… https://t.co/tKjeJg85Qx


8 hours ago

The Age

EXCLUSIVE Victoria Police has been charged with several bullying-related offences in an unprecedented step by WorkS… https://t.co/lmUNJ7MzTi


8 hours ago

The Age

COMMENT Why I'm opting out of the government's digital health record and you should too https://t.co/HL5YPqxKTT


3 hours ago

Andrae Muys

RT @BenjaminMillar: "[Politicians] know how to provoke fear in five words or less. But they need also to understand the cost of this behavi…


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The Age Sport

RT @DanielCherny: Cricket Australia mulls charging entry fee for WBBL games https://t.co/gtQrNbm6OX


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Donald J. Trump

These Russian individuals did their work during the Obama years. Why didn’t Obama do something about it? Because h… https://t.co/3DnzJPptZD


1 day ago

Dan Scavino Jr.

“About 1-in-5 illegal alien adults crossing the United States-Mexico border with toddlers under the age of five are… https://t.co/BtRaR96L7B


1 day ago

Billy Corben

Florida man planned to burn down 15-story 400+ unit condo “with all the f*cking Jews,” @MiamiBeachPD detectives fin… https://t.co/9R5LzxXrLd


1 day ago

Новости ОСП

В Индии откроют крупнейший в мире завод по производству смартфонов https://t.co/Hi3RXIV7bu


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Wiko: Craig McGregor wird neue Verkaufsleiter #Wiko https://t.co/9rCdORUJr3 https://t.co/VHpJbFudcR


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