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Houston Astros

🚨 giveaway time! 🚨 RETWEET for a chance to win a pair of tickets to tomorrow's Orange Carpet Premiere of our World… https://t.co/sIub8Lpm6w


9 hours ago

Beauty and the city

#fragrance #beauty #fashion Manhãs de verão... https://t.co/Mwt0oXHkuF


5 seconds ago

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JanaSena Party

Grand welcome to JanaSena Party Chief Sri @PawanKalyan garu @ Shamshabad Airport. Janasena Vice president B.Mahendr… https://t.co/xJk0QHfgAa


20 hours ago


Media Matters President Angelo Carusone explains why he's leading an advertising boycott against Fox News host Sean… https://t.co/0jiACDd93V


1 day ago

Brian Stelter

Hannity is screaming with 5 all-caps tweets because I’m interviewing Media Matters president @GoAngelo on… https://t.co/Pkd6JLQiDL


1 day ago

Carolyn fletcher

RT @PolitixGal: Obama's message was one of division. His intention was to divide America along race and religion. What a despicable presi…


14 seconds ago


RT @PressSecSanders: Since the #FakeNews Media loves polls so much, let's make one of our own! If you love our President and stand with h…


18 seconds ago