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Official Dio

“You're never going to remember all the places you play or all the people you meet, but they are going to remember… https://t.co/K4TS94DZC6


3 days ago

Guitar's Alchemy

https://t.co/5t8Z16OfQG Cliff Burton's Dad Remembers What His Son Asked Him Before Joining Metallica | Music News @ https://t.co/ywmmAv9Zfu


15 minutes ago

Joe's Guitar

https://t.co/LxPjBFa3HX Tony Campos Recalls How Static-X Comeback Came to Be | Music News @ https://t.co/XDbPy8Ki8C


27 minutes ago

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Yoel Ramírez

Si mato a Ninja en el Pro AM de esta noche regalo 100 pavos a todo el mundo que de RT a este tuit.


15 hours ago

Complex Music

Happy Birthday to the GOAT, #TupacShakur 🎂 We compiled a list of his best songs. Let's debate ➡️… https://t.co/mwhvCiYd28


20 hours ago


me, one minute into after effects and premiere pro: i can’t do This


just now

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