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Ultimate Guitar

.@gunsnroses' 'Sweet Child O' Mine' Becomes 1st '80s Music Video to Cross 1 Billion @YouTube Views➡️… https://t.co/hXIL1LwiLM


14 hours ago

Ultimate Guitar

On their first record without vocalist Yuimetal, @BABYMETAL_JAPAN's third album is full of interesting twists and t… https://t.co/7XNv6IdOHg


4 days ago

3 days ago

Muse Of Chartreuse

How America's Collective Anxiety Nearly Snuffed Out the Career of David #Bowie in 1969 https://t.co/nrsv2YfWdv


54 minutes ago

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Nicolás Maduro

Venezuela se une a la celebración del 74º aniversario de la Organización de la ONU para la Alimentación y la Agricu… https://t.co/CWM24YVHSq


1 day ago

Bia Kicis

Depois que protocolamos a indicação do @BolsonaroSP para líder do PSL, o grupo pró delegado Waldir protocolou outra… https://t.co/SiGCiCot3g


13 hours ago

[ j ]

RT @langston_poems: I sat there singing her Songs in the dark. She said, I do not understand The words. I said, There are No words.


just now


Li na timeline aqui que teve um cara que doou 6 mil pro MBL Vacilou Juntava mais 2 e levava uma ruiva


just now

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