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The Star

Tuan Ibrahim: All PAS, Umno MPs signed SD for Muhyiddin to be PM https://t.co/02RDn2LWOC https://t.co/02RDn2LWOC


15 hours ago

Imam of Peace

“Toronto man” Saad Akhtar killed a 64-year-old woman with a hammer on Friday has also been charged with a terrorism… https://t.co/Tds1iJGe62


1 day ago

The Star

Dr M says he wants a merit-based government, not party-based https://t.co/1Aw3- YQaDAt https://t.co/1Aw3YQaDAt


1 day ago

Lim Ai Yim

Time to throw out state leader before environmental disaster hit. https://t.co/Ryxp2hfQbP


just now

A girl has no name

RT @starvancouver: Search and rescue to join police looking for woman in New Westminster B.C. https://t.co/ydyfARyXFk


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James O'Brien

If you need a really simple way to understand the absurdity of this, just compare the number of trucks that travel… https://t.co/P87XZLsfQe


3 hours ago

BBC News (World)

US officials at the Center for Disease Control warn the coronavirus will spread and may severely disrupt daily life… https://t.co/x5lea35TOO


21 hours ago

Jason Kenney

Bienvenue to Nordik Spa, a very successful Quebec chain that will build its first spa in Alberta, & the largest one… https://t.co/2boOaDm124


3 hours ago

Steve Wolfson

RT @liberal_party: The largest three-year poverty reduction *in Canadian history* and an important milestone in our goal to cut poverty in…


just now

Jay Michi

RT @JoshuaSealy: Today, Canada’s largest Law Society is debating if it should continue to consult with racialized communities to understand…


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