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Daniel Dale

Donald Trump made 52 false claims last week in a blizzard of immigration lying: https://t.co/CvGbtnNZSz


1 day ago

Daniel Dale

Here's the complete database of Trump's false claims since inauguration. He's up to 4,167 false claims, 5.8 per day… https://t.co/jHMLxC3OHw


1 day ago

Maxime Bernier

Vote for your race. Vote for your religion. VOTE FOR YOUR TRIBE! -A message from the Liberal Party of Canada https://t.co/SoCcjKXcbz


1 day ago

Cindy Murphy

RT @TorontoStar: #StarExclusive: The provincial government is considering a plan to shutter more than 20 health agencies — including Cancer…


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TTC plans to recommend a 10-cent fare increase in its 2019 budget https://t.co/2KHffMubIB via @torontostar


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John Pilger

'JOURNALISTS OUGHT TO BE THE AGENTS OF PEOPLE, NOT POWER' Following the anniversary of the liberation of Bangladesh… https://t.co/rBVjnCLXKr


10 hours ago

Bruce Anderson

Among the more important differences between Canada and the US is religiosity. A majority of Americans pray daily;… https://t.co/43LWpEdDlw


1 day ago

Kenneth Roth

New York Knicks center @Enes_Kanter is a basketball star, but because he is also a critic of Pres Erdogan's repress… https://t.co/LU8AC4bWjh


8 hours ago


RT @MysteryTrader99: $USD Daily: #USD formed a perfect shooting star backtest at 50MA and closed back below BC. If 13MA is unable to break…


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RT @AlanThePrince: According to a report from The Daily Star, Sony Pictures, who are developing a big-budget biopic on Eqyptian Queen Cleop…


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