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.@torontolibrary have seen a steady increase in the number of homeless people using their facilities. Instead of ki… https://t.co/E5FSR7luBs


11 hours ago

Daniel Dale

Here's a thread on just some of the false claims Trump made in his 115-false-claim week. Again, the variety, audaci… https://t.co/Ew0zEqhenN


1 day ago


Think Ticketmaster is fighting off scalpers? The Star's @thecribby and CBC went undercover at the Las Vegas Ticket… https://t.co/wSJV24negk


19 hours ago

Rebecca ღ

RT @MarcoOved: Ticketmaster says it does everything to stop bots and the mass-harvesting of tickets. But @TorontoStar and @CBCNews went und…


just now

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Hollywood Reporter

In 2009, the world’s biggest movie star developed an unlikely friendship with some obscenely wealthy Hollywood wann… https://t.co/sqBb0RPKXc


1 day ago

Pew Research Religion

More than half of American adults (55%) say they pray daily, compared with 25% in Canada, 18% in Australia and 6% i… https://t.co/nRaO8CGQdJ


13 hours ago


A nearby planetary system around the star Epsilon Eridani is similar to our own! It’s the closest planetary system… https://t.co/utKLGJX3Tb


1 day ago

Gail Sheen

If you're wondering what shoppable links on Instagram stories is such a big deal @socialmediaweek have hit the nail… https://t.co/3YOdEdwe1D


21 seconds ago

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