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Vitesse Maxi Ligier Ixo Street tweets

CNN Breaking News

1.3 tons of cocaine, with estimated street value of $270 million, found on Air France flight. http://t.co/WtygfwqXtl


6 years ago

Steve Stifler

Want people not to mess with you? Put blue Gatorade in a Windex bottle and walk down the street drinking it.


6 years ago

Elizabeth Windsor

Jump in the shower and the blood starts pumping, out on the street the traffic starts jumping, for Queens like one on the throne from 9 to 5


6 years ago

PSG Officiel

C'est terminé! 1 partout. Le match a débuté à pleine vitesse mais se solde sur un match nul. Les Parisiens aurait pu le faire! #PSGASM


6 years ago


I like it when a girl actually has the confidence to text me first. It's a two way street ladies.


6 years ago

Fake PM Lee

When Ah Bengs speed on the roads, we call it illegal street racing. When angmohs do it, we call it #F1NightRace .


6 years ago

Juez Central

Si este gol lo hiciera Messi o CR7 todos lo elogiariamos por varios días. Vean lo que hizo Maxi Rodriguez (Newell's) http://t.co/skYP0Kv1eL


6 years ago