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Enrique Bunbury

.@RuidosyZumbidos Ayer dijimos que "Si @thebeatles no hubieran nacido,habita que inventarlos" y hoy os lo demostram… https://t.co/eqWabh8ncl


1 day ago

Matt Kamen

This, by @Badlydoodled, is a brilliant, tender, heartbreaking examination of how it feels to be an EU citizen in th… https://t.co/0RVeWmsMk5


3 days ago

Enrique Bunbury

Deletreando a Bunbury, por Ana García Lamparero - Ruidos y Zumbidos https://t.co/xlmbX7f4br https://t.co/BIWLr01hrY


6 days ago


RT @amildlatte: the government shutdown has left my family in a pretty bad spot so i’ve decided to open commissions again! my name is rose,…


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Secret City Weather

Be Prepared For A Very Wet Week Ahead - Secret City Weather https://t.co/aQMaOTlxDr #wx #tnwx #easttn #easttnwx… https://t.co/gL1cYa7y1T


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Donald J. Trump

Trade negotiators have just returned from China where the meetings on Trade were very productive. Now at meetings w… https://t.co/vCyKHfh08p


5 hours ago

Juan Guaidó

¡Nuestra lucha sigue dando resultados! Hoy llegaron a Cúcuta tres aviones provenientes de Estados Unidos con ayuda… https://t.co/FkIql97lww


4 hours ago

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

‘You say you love your children, but you are destroying our future.’ Our sea levels are rising. Droughts are worse… https://t.co/EKmz5PLVFt


7 hours ago


RT @PedroIxcoatl: No es lamentar el programa ni los niños,porque los recursos se seguirán entregando a los padres o tutores de los mismos,…


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Every fine woman I’ve met from a dating app has had the personality of a broomstick


just now

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