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FOX Sports: NFL

Our thoughts go out to @AZCardinals Dan Williams whose father died in a car wreck while en route to see his son play: http://t.co/YR5XNGOxTd


4 years ago


"Hay una cancha en Liniers, juega Vélez de local, sólo Luis Miguel la puede llenar" William Shakespeare, El paraíso del alma, Basilea, 1865.


4 years ago

Damon Lindelof

When King Lear dies in Act V, do you know what Shakespeare has written? He's written "He dies." That's all, nothing more." (1 of 2)


4 years ago

William M. Spetz

Nu är AVSNITT 1 av #WilliamsLista2 UTE PÅ SVTPLAY! Se premiären här! http://t.co/3xTXw9Elqj Retweeta = kärlek <3


4 years ago

Tu vida en imágenes.

William Shakespeare. http://t.co/Fdcw6IXhU0


4 years ago

Pete Prisco

Ditka just ripped the Browns front office for trading Richardson. Dude, you traded your entire draft for Ricky Williams


4 years ago

Yahoo Sports

Really sad: Father of Cardinals lineman Dan Williams dies in a car accident on the way to see his son play: http://t.co/yss3VUeQG8


4 years ago