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josh johnson

@matsnerdcorner @Wtforceshow @pacificwandere1 @northgalis @BlindManBaldwin A Roogwart from Mustafar is closest but… https://t.co/IPzBYmnDUO


18 hours ago

Jyn Erso Lives!

@kristi_jmh Also Aftermath: Empire‘s End could have some information that proves relevant. You can also look up the… https://t.co/Nf6SeWkE01


23 hours ago

The Rise of Kylo Ren

@PaulBufordLA @Reyllos @leiasskywalkers @JannahKillsPalp @AussieRavenclaw You’re obviously bringing up things that… https://t.co/7nK02WXzwr


1 day ago

Lieutenant Marvel

(This thread brought to you by the fact that today's article of the day on Wookieepedia is Liak, a small Wookiee wh… https://t.co/OUN7X63YQM


1 day ago

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Disney TVA

Step inside the magical portal, and enjoy the just-released Main Title for #TheOwlHouse! https://t.co/j1drYoYgxt


22 hours ago


夏に食べたい! ガストの夏コレ開催🏄‍♂️ がっつり!さ- っぱり!な新メニューをご堪能あれ✨ 総勢50名様に500- 円分のお食事券が当たる! 7/22まで毎日挑戦💪 ①@g- usto_official をフォロー ②この投稿を7/… https://t.co/j9PVSTrpkJ


10 hours ago


FOTO - Sorpresa a Dimaro per Carlo Ancelotti, scatta la risata per il mister degli azzurri! https://t.co/FvCWIfTBCf


just now

Evelyn Pérez-Verdía🗽🤞

RT @FrancesRobles: How’s this for a clever form of protest: these folks are in front of the PR Capitolio reading aloud the entire 889-page…


just now

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