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ready or not 🦋

RT @WSHTESSA: il dit jamais le n word 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 https://t.co/kaUd0N4GAU


4 hours ago

Yalinca “Cryptid” Williams

RT @__Cinderfella: Morticia really didn’t have to chew Debbie up with one word like this. “Pastels?” https://t.co/TB9EA4KTcY


2 days ago

Madd Slander

RT @BranMinds: @madd_slander I off ya head for a slice of bread/I keep my word and I'm true to my peeps/gimme me a bird and my crew gon' ea…


3 days ago


@madd_slander I off ya head for a slice of bread/I keep my word and I'm true to my peeps/gimme me a bird and my cre… https://t.co/oMNxfstwKt


3 days ago


RT @outrokimchi: International Army's watching a 7 hr long award show without subtitles understanding absolutely nothing but whenever the w…


4 days ago

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Michelle Malkin

NEW THREAD - SAVE & SHARE: The US/Saudi aviation training partnership at Pensacola & other military bases was part… https://t.co/hWDbcbiUfA


1 day ago

Niall Horan

My massive face on Times Square ! Thank you @YouTubeMusic for the love on the Put A Little Love On Me video… https://t.co/uZa2IAZznx


1 day ago

Glenn Greenwald

Is there anything more inspiring than watching 2 of the USA's richest people - worth more than a billion dollars be… https://t.co/PuJjXyzCrr


1 day ago


RT @Insurgent_Prof: And all of this is occurring in the context of stagnant pay for staff and faculty, while approximately 20-25 percent of…


just now

Daisy Smart

@secupp You sold your soul to CNN so go share your conspiracy theories with all 1000 audience members and stop both… https://t.co/yer1mOCwrp


just now

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