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Wrist Brace tweets

dean xu

@keirsimon @andrewckey and knee wraps, and wrist wraps, and neck brace, and retainer.


5 years ago

darcie spillman

that Ive been wearing my carpel tunnel brace on the wrong wrist WAYTOGOMO


5 years ago

David Weir

Wrist brace is stopping wrist from hurting but does hinder use of steak knife


5 years ago

Mar'Quita Hairston

My wrist is killing me I got pain shooting all way up 2 my elbow and this brace is not helping at all :'(


5 years ago

AbnormalStarr ⚓

Oh yeah and I get to wear a wrist brace again. It makes my hand look like a crudely made robot. #upside http://t.co/CBjNxPi3


5 years ago

5 years ago

Lil Red .

Got Pills, Ankle Brace, Wrist Brace & Nasal Spray;


5 years ago