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You Like To Host Someone tweets

Women in AV

@MarlaSapphire @SapphireMkt Afraid no one volunteered for that location. Sorry :( We'll promote it if you know someone who'd like to host!


6 years ago

Brandon Feeley

@iPenzel host is huge but you get used to it. It's not like people have a choice ,someone has to be host


6 years ago


Do you know someone who would like to host this boy-girl sibling group, ages 12 and 11? http://t.co/DsBW3GI4


6 years ago

Derek McAdams

@CBSSports when you have someone that's suppose to be an impartial host state they don't like a school on twitter that's not right....


6 years ago


@Brindley16 yes! Get like someone famous to host it! When you go to the clothes show if you ask Henry holland to host the grove concert!?


6 years ago

Ellie Alcaraz

@rabbitfighters okay so my dad was like i think it's someone else turn to host if you want to be up late. but I have an idea.


6 years ago


But if you dress like you're about to host Punk'D and write about music for a living, do that, don't hate on someone's fashion.


6 years ago