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فهد العميري

في الجحملية انتهاكات بالجملة وصرخات استغاثة النساء تقشعر لها الأبدان .. https://t.co/m6aJQGCxwA


1 hour ago

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24/7 HipHop News

School told a local reporter "we have Christian standards to uphold." Like black people aren’t Christians 🤦‍♂️ co… https://t.co/DBasFcFrQl


4 hours ago

Jason Wilson

The self congratulation in parliament at the moment rather leaves aside the question of how we got to the point whe… https://t.co/vqCipJq50F


19 hours ago

Aisha Syed

Congratulation @AsadQaiserPTI We all hope that you'll work with justice and positively. #AsadQaiser https://t.co/n0I8yr35wK


11 hours ago

yunita p a

@AntoGriezmann @AtletiFR Congratulation! TE AMO 😍


1 minute ago

Mutia 😬

@lemonfess Congratulation


1 minute ago