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Big Brother Naija

#BBNengi kept it reserved pleasant and fashionable with her presentation. Do you Stan? Brought to you by… https://t.co/MdGwyLPBfv


17 hours ago


No video this Friday. Sorry I got you hyped up for nothing. The domain video can’t drop for many reasons. So yeah,… https://t.co/2zrSd0dwPS


1 day ago

Chris Winterburn

The people at the club who are above the coaching staff and are woefully unqualified to be where they are.The sheer… https://t.co/vXY484yxyL


14 hours ago

Hello, Binturong.

RT @EtsySocial: Santa Claus With Cardinal https://t.co/82uLUudTFn via @EtsySocial #EtsySocial https://t.co/GpfJOlPw1Q


just now

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