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Brady Dennis

A 14-year-long oil spill has leaked millions of barrels into the Gulf of Mexico — with no end in sight. Between 300… https://t.co/scI8afBibr


4 hours ago

Vala Afshar

Year Founded: 1865 Nokia 1876 Ericsson 1911 IBM 1928 Motorola 1938 Samsung 1939 HP 1946 Sony 1963 Comcast 1968 I… https://t.co/Lvs573kaXg


1 day ago


Houston Chronicle endorsed Cruz in 2012. GOP Sen. John Cornyn for re-election in 2014. Romney in 2012. W. in 2000 a… https://t.co/xsYo76TwVU


3 hours ago

The Niall Boylan Show

@TjflanaganTipp We are asking a question based on the law that states a child born here to parents who do not have… https://t.co/b3BegWX5NL


just now


2004 Apple setup! This is prob what a rich kid in 2004’s desk looked like... https://t.co/E886e9P8dj


just now

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