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Ian Frisch

I wrote about an Instagram influencer with over 1 million followers who, determined to acquire the domain name asso… https://t.co/WZXrREoEbU


1 day ago

Rohini Singh

With onions at Rs 150, even selling pakoras have become the exclusive domain of Ambani and Adani.


1 day ago

Aditya Raj Kaul

Sir, Don't want to give a gutter level magazine publicity by naming them. Just wanted to put it in public domain so… https://t.co/tP9LlpvEfY


1 day ago

Sriram SK

RT @Draup_Sales: Successful digital transformation needs outsourcing partners with multi-domain expertise – and depth in a few #Outsourcing…


just now


RT @RisetoDemi: This morning is reserved for singing my heart out thank u very much


just now

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