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Woolton Tutors

RT @BPoD_mrc: Neuroarchaeology – studying the links between changing cultures and where we place our attention. Research by @incipitcsic in…


16 hours ago

VonVictor V. Rosenchild

RT @BPoD_mrc: STRA8 – a protein found to activate a network of thousands of genes at the start of meiosis Research by @WhiteheadInst in @eL…


16 hours ago

Woolton Tutors

RT @BPoD_mrc: How growth rates of layers of the developing eye are co-ordinated. Research by @HeidelbergU in @eLife. Read more on https://t…


16 hours ago

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Charlie Kirk

Obama: Killed hundreds of innocents with endless drone strikes Let Syria gas its citizens Oversaw the rise and e… https://t.co/GvGbOxnuf5


1 day ago

The White House

"Revitalization doesn't have a color. It doesn't have a party. Revitalization starts in the heart of every man." —… https://t.co/c6ORrMo4bG


16 hours ago

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

You know what’s interesting? Last month I invited @RepAndyBarr to come visit us in the Bronx and offer perspective… https://t.co/Ucy2yPVU7B


16 hours ago

moonamyuul w luv🌙✨

RT @Seesawdipitymp3: BTS no presentará HOME en vivo. Los Home entusiastas (que también son Paradise stans): https://t.co/WHQzF3YN- wX


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