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Sebastian Payne

Anger is growing among Tory MPs about scrapping virtual voting. @halfon4harlowMP: "They’re taking the Bolsonaro vi… https://t.co/xVzIDYKFfk


1 day ago

Charlie Kirk

BREAKING: House Republicans are suing Nancy Pelosi to stop her illegal proxy voting rule It would allow just TWEN… https://t.co/Sqfj2L4npF


1 week ago

Christopher Larkin

@pootswin1 @darrengrimes_ A proxy will not reduce the time it takes to vote. Over 40 minutes! They're going to spen… https://t.co/4zVupeFeH2


2 minutes ago


RT @shocked_io: ‼️‼️GIVEAWAY‼️‼️ 🎁PRIZES🎁 @- CookologyIO - 1x Monthly Membership @ProxyStrike - 3x 1GB Resi Proxy Plan @shocked_io - 1x Mon…


10 minutes ago

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Martin Weiss

Louisville Police killed Breonna Taylor a few weeks ago and just killed David McAtee yesterday and this is what hap… https://t.co/ZAR2QklN3V


1 day ago

Shannon Watts

NO CHARGES. Kleine's summary: Gardner waved his gun around to scare #JamesScurlock off, a physical altercation ensu… https://t.co/MACowMPtau


1 day ago

Milli Gazette

BJP's @KapilMishra_IND who's video of instigating crowds to violence in North East Delhi during Anti-CAA protests i… https://t.co/5ccHmcMR8s


17 hours ago

Pa' Ma On

RT @lilyzahani: Kes keracunan puding buih: 👎🏼telur expired 👎🏼telur tu mgkn high bacterial load 👎🏼agar2 suam campur dgn whisked raw eggs -…


just now


RT @Chief_jide: Unfortunately I ain’t protesting tomorrow but what I am doing instead is offering to make free websites for 5 black busines…


just now

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