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Richard Myerscough

@algooderham Our BT fibre went down during our Zoom prayer meeting the other evening that I was hosting, nightmare.… https://t.co/5NLmCepnbd


1 hour ago

Full Fibre Limited

This Thursday we are hosting a free, online, drop-in session for all Shrewsbury residents, where we will be answeri… https://t.co/ZeFY04rlEP


3 days ago

Dunedin Gasworks Museum

Day 10: The fitting shop is used twice a month by Dunedin Creative Fibre and their especially talented group of peo… https://t.co/mkGaCqP7fF


6 days ago

Peter Betyounan

@DangerMage @tritpham @Bailsmb20 @mrjoeaston @MrKRudd @NBN_Australia You truly are a moron. "The servers can only j… https://t.co/T7ew12h6X1


6 days ago

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nelson chamisa

A disaster is loading in Zimbabwe. Lives are at risk.We must Invest on testing & tracking.A lockdown without testin… https://t.co/t3hGjfh5b8


1 day ago

Noah Shachtman

How bad is it getting in NYC? That's a photo of the National Guard loading bodies into ***an Enterprise rental van*… https://t.co/3QlmNB8zwV


1 day ago

Mercy Eke

we haven't even started yet ❤️ God's plans for us still loading......🛡️ #QueenOfHighLightsIsBack https://t.co/I5WYr2L0Fz


23 hours ago

ᴊ 🍃

animal crossing randomly just went to the black loading screen at exactly 5 am am and it scared me but it was isabe… https://t.co/ItPqK5ZPGg


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