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Donald J. Trump

The great @LouDobbs has a very important new book coming out shortly. “The Trump Century, How Our President Changed… https://t.co/inxCKoK105


21 hours ago


過去の作品から、今回の作品まで、今の僕の思いが詰まったFR- EESTYLE 2020。皆さんに楽しんでいただけたらうれしいです!待って- てね🎨 FREESTYLE 2020 will feature a collection of m… https://t.co/k6gOcuUmf4


5 hours ago


Today we’ve made the decision to cease all commercial activity related to Jeffree Star and affiliated products. We… https://t.co/7kOoNcq3wt


13 hours ago

Barclays UK Help

@ClientDining I'm really sorry we were unable to reply in time 😥I can assure you our team work 24/7 to reply to mes… https://t.co/oFuuXRkq8e


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