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Nerd Girl Official

RT @maryabshire: This #UF series is action-packed with #mystery and #suspense to keep you turning the pages! https://t.co/QDSi8ww6EF #u…


1 hour ago

Kelli Hathaway

RT @vickibooks: HYPNOTICALLY REFORMED Blaming Her For Causing His Stepdaughter's Downfall, He Uses #Hypnosis To Turn Her Best Friend Into A…


2 hours ago


@therealtepai Look, I will accept this but I don't want no 8 years old girl ghost walking on my wet floor and make… https://t.co/zS6oKlv4mf


2 hours ago

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Barstool Sports

Out of all the Kobe stories in the last day, this one hit differently. Elle Duncan on Kobe “being a dad. A girl da… https://t.co/MdLfksqYdC


18 hours ago


【アプリ公開まであと41日!】あんさんぶるエブリデイ初日の- 本日は、新章「あんさんぶるスターズ!!」のOP映像を公開!- !主題歌「BRAND NEW STARS!!」の49人歌唱も必聴です! #あんさんぶるエブリデイ #あんスタ https://t.co/AWUNtwyXH8


1 day ago


RT @heyambeee: Shoutout to all the military kids. I hope your experiences made the best out of you. That lifestyle isn’t easy.


just now

‘Miss Taiwo

RT @Crazaeyy: If my daughter looks like her dad this much, we will fight every morning because I can’t carry you for 9 months only fit you…


just now

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