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Mallie Fox

Got this at an auction....take a look at her eyes. Would you hang this up in your home? #paranormalgirl… https://t.co/ALerLgexuE


23 hours ago

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Rex Chapman🏇🏼

A girl walking her dog in Denver records a woman harassing a young black man who is simply walking down the street… https://t.co/6nHAbLnuC1


22 hours ago


Father of 8 year old girl killed in shooting: “They say ‘Black Lives Matter’... you killed your own..” https://t.co/hJthBS7s4d


1 day ago

Kayleigh McEnany

Breaks my heart to see the pain of this mom & dad and the tragic loss of their little girl Praying for Secoriya Wi… https://t.co/OgPp3w2wF7


15 hours ago

Pippa Jones

RT @bvanhool_van: URGENT💔CAN BE KILLED ANY TIME FOR SPACE TOO MANY🔴ATHENA sad, very pretty girl, shy, unsure but curious, around 1 Y💔WE TAK…


just now


RT @l_ydiahanaa: Assalammualaikum guys... if korg ada nmpk this girl kat mana2 please inform me.. i need ur help rn!.. dari pukul 3 sampai…


just now

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