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Chris Brogan

Colin Kaepernick Pushes Nike’s Market Value to $6 Billion, an All-Time High https://t.co/ik4H2v0kwr #newbook #feedly


15 hours ago

Chris Brogan

The digital world really needs to do a better job of understanding that more than one set of viewpoints exists.


16 hours ago

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Kimberley Strassel

1) More big breaking news, which further undercuts the Ford accusation, as well as media handling of it. A source h… https://t.co/FCTXRHsEpP


1 day ago

Senator Hatch Office

Worth noting that this is exactly where we were on Monday morning— without agreeing to a date, time, and terms we a… https://t.co/x4YQQSaJMY


1 day ago

Tax Affinity

Employees to be handed stake in firms under Labour plan https://t.co/wWsUNXDlL2 via https://t.co/3MGRGvDuIx… https://t.co/l4289oTOq0


just now

Zion Sunshine

RT @marklevinshow: Oh, another Democrat/media surprise. And “reporter” Jane Mayer too, who gunned for Clarence Thomas back in 1991. https:/…


just now

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