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Heather V Masters

RT @chrisbrogan: Want to do more live video in 2019? Here's my simple setup- https://t.co/abjnf5c6Tn


37 minutes ago


RT @PaulCroubalian "VIA @chrisbrogan Your Customers Don’t Want You To Act Like a Robot" https://t.co/2OneJuZD5m #finance


1 hour ago


#Marketing is About Connecting With Your Customer's Story via @chrisbrogan https://t.co/S42uu6lgTR


1 hour ago

Jen Nahlik

RT @chrisbrogan: Want to do more live video in 2019? Here's my simple setup- https://t.co/abjnf5c6Tn


1 hour ago

Bree Palmer

RT @chrisbrogan: I'd LOVE if you'd subscribe to my business podcast. I promise it's super fun- https://t.co/ubQG9DcQBg


1 hour ago

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Nancy Pelosi

Today, I wrote to @realDonaldTrump recommending that we delay the State of the Union until after government re-open… https://t.co/ot1LQzoHWQ


1 day ago

Walter Shaub

The normalizing of the Barr hearing is a shameful failure of the media. POTUS fired the AG for refusing to end an i… https://t.co/wTNwbRihLo


1 day ago

Sean Hannity

GRAHAM ON FIRE: “I’ve seen no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians, but I’ve seen a lo… https://t.co/IAa29arJZu


21 hours ago

Barton George

Rstudio leverages the open core business model, today's go-to template for monetizing open source (Seems like just… https://t.co/FUoQ65TvdO


just now

VU Universiteitsbibliotheek

24 jan v.a. 14.30 houdt de UB een info- & discussiebijeenkomst over de Implementatie v Plan S. Stakeholders v. NWO,… https://t.co/0eANExbf1U


just now

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