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Kgopolo Mphela

So disappointing to see DStv promote the Teddy storyline on #gomora as something fun. It’s those attitude in soci… https://t.co/FfL0zFADeN


1 week ago

Alex Seitz-Wald

New: Progressives are ramping up public pressure on Biden to appoint progressives and keep corporate execs/consulta… https://t.co/2Kp6pJLx0D


5 days ago

Chris Del Conte

Riding a 3-game win streak, our Football squad enjoyed a bye-week and an opportunity to heal up, continue to grow a… https://t.co/9gmPsJFs9r


1 week ago


@arsonistkitten @tparkstl Why would they want it to be their last thanksgiving???! As my mom said, she stays home S… https://t.co/uetGwS0cLW


1 minute ago


Guys stop this sht anymore. We all know the boys already knew who were true to them and whom they consider as frien… https://t.co/50TBhvt6bj


2 minutes ago

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Dr.Darrell Scott

I never heard one Dem call for an end to the Mueller investigation, disagree publicly with their party leaders, or… https://t.co/U1TqpXeDNf


19 hours ago

Walter Shaub

I'll only say this once: Stop the fat jokes about Murphy. She is a deeply corrupt partisan who will likely kill tho… https://t.co/HAsd8RgJpV


1 day ago

Prof. Steve Hanke

#BREAKING: The #Naira set a new low on the black (read: free) market. This means #Food and #Fuel will grow more exp… https://t.co/MSkr0U2cg6


1 day ago


RT @gunsnrosesgirl3: The desert rain frog sounds like this...(sound on) All tadpoles grow into frogs, but not all frogs start out as tadp…


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