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Brian G. James

Today I pray that I continue to be willing to grow (grow up) not dwelling on past mistakes Or forecasting fear onto… https://t.co/1qvMKqeJCk


1 day ago

Louis Jadwong

ESTHER 🌟 KALENZI: 'When I grow up,' I'd like to start a fund for promising leaders who're solving community problem… https://t.co/LegDi4UY8C


9 hours ago

Sidharth Malhotra

Proud to support @BoyTalkProject as they launch their program to facilitate open conversations about gender with bo… https://t.co/wk5ROqHPGb


4 days ago


@VanderpumpRules @JLJeffLewis It’s really sad that these two can’t be adult enough to do what’s right for their dau… https://t.co/k7B29WeTqY


9 minutes ago


@SiriusXMNews It’s really sad that these two can’t be adult enough to do what’s right for their daughter. They are… https://t.co/vUpgU2k7Ab


11 minutes ago

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Gülnur Aybet

” #ISIS were ‘allowed to grow’ under the watch of the #YPG, who allowed thousands of them to escape from #Raqqa. We… https://t.co/l3s5t3RUR6


1 day ago

The Dodo

Watch this teeny baby grow up into the most gorgeous pittie ever! https://t.co/FQCIYUUqXR


1 day ago

Sara A. Carter

.@ChelseaClinton: 'This is not the country I want my kids to grow up in' https://t.co/zSWYANvEex


17 hours ago

Angel Clap

RT @wish1075: Don't waver when life tests you. See it as a way for you to grow and improve. Tune in to Wishpers of Love and listen to you…


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