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Brian Merchant

Uber didn't want its white collar employees to have to wash their hands in the same sink as its gig worker drivers.… https://t.co/IdGu7KDh5h


1 day ago

Gov. Mike Huckabee

What really happened was that Corn Pop showed up with this guy wanting to feel Joe’s white leg hairs and jump in hi… https://t.co/Pk6FRuxjCR


11 hours ago

HaHa Davis

Thoughts in the hood with your white friend #HaHaDavis https://t.co/w3Mv2UA2f7


10 hours ago

 iHass 

Trump won’t show his tax returns. Trump won’t testify on his own behalf. Trump won’t comply with a single subpoen… https://t.co/Hrsb3p9gg3


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@__blue_white_ تولدت مبارک داداش


just now

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