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Seth Abramson

It's settled law in DC federal court that there's no unqualified immunity for a former White House Counsel. Don McG… https://t.co/0AfAE77VXu


20 hours ago

Adam Schiff

Trump just ordered Don McGahn not to testify before the American people. Duplicitous as ever, the White House says… https://t.co/TFySzgpgN2


19 hours ago

George M Johnson

53% of ww voted for Trump. The white woman who wrote the bill and the one that signed it likely did too. Just as… https://t.co/WFE5x9drYK


15 hours ago


@mattklewis @jimsciutto The alt-right Nazis, white supremacists, racists, and misogynists tend to favor names and s… https://t.co/6dnvTSEFGH


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