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ada enechi

Beyoncé represents every Black woman that is constantly applauded for their work but when it comes to promotion tim… https://t.co/9Tpd126Cf1


1 day ago

Zach Stafford

“This doesn’t happen to people like me very often” says the white man who uses queer aesthetics to sell records and… https://t.co/41LplCPVmQ


1 day ago

Mueller, She Wrote

The Biden White House is willing to brief trump administration officials about their total abject failure to protec… https://t.co/dOjpxchwFT


1 day ago

winona ryder

RT @altaredvision: Only white people would turn solitary confinement into a wellness retreat


just now

Abayomi Samuel Agbomire

RT @ft_canaanland: Improvements and innovations on your job are the cheapest ways to getting a raise. That way you won’t need any “connecti…


just now

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