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Shaun King

Trump's new approval ratings via Gallup just tied their all-time high. Again, I need you to understand that while… https://t.co/eQYavmbTob


16 hours ago

Jemele Hill

Just like there's always tweet, there's always a poll. The majority of Americans supported internment camps for Jap… https://t.co/MAlPMIKGoH


21 hours ago

Kimberly Guilfoyle

Satisfaction With U.S. Direction Reaches 12-Year High https://t.co/2amsE1ptLD


20 hours ago

A Source Not Authorized To Speak ...

Trump Job Approval (Weekly) Best of the Year, So Far. Touching 60% https://t.co/Y3Horcfveb


just now


RT @LionelMedia: Put social media down and ask your friends and neighbors what they think. Go out into the streets and neighborhoods of Ame…


1 minute ago

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Ted Lieu

Dear @SenatorCollins: Those are nice words. But there's something that you & I get to do that is reserved for 535 A… https://t.co/4FaC0Vt5YI


14 hours ago

Tom Fitton

FBI Director Wray has said nothing to reassure Americans he understands the serious corruption highlighted in the I… https://t.co/MDvogaS8AY


1 day ago

Amy Siskind

A note to the media on how important your coverage is: *when you normalized Trump and fed his narrative at the NK… https://t.co/TvklyzhxK4


7 hours ago


RT @RubinReport: Discussed a similar Obama clip from when he was a senator with @joerogan last week. We seem to have selective short term m…


just now


#Telecom #Analytics on your mind? Look no further. Here's your visual guide to the gaps in your current analytics a… https://t.co/Zepjkjavrv


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