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Our Revolution

Those are good numbers #Bernie2020 https://t.co/pAFiRydwt0


1 day ago

Ari Rabin-Havt

Once you get out of certain circles on Twitter, it turns out people really like Bernie It's a big secret that won… https://t.co/q5enQkRvr5


2 days ago

Astrologic Astrology

RT @djjohnso: Joe Biden has lost 19% in net favorability with all adults in the U.S. since launching his campaign in April, per Gallup. 31%…


just now

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Bill Pulte

I am giving away free air conditioning units to people that we select who really have problems with Heat this Summe… https://t.co/Pnwd4khW57


1 day ago

Sara A. Carter

.@JoeBiden Wants to Send More Money to #CentralAmerica to Solve Migrant #BorderCrisis: Mexico: $289M Guatemala: $… https://t.co/55WEmz0peP


21 hours ago

Steve Scalise

We finally have a President who is putting America first. Yet Democrats just wasted another week harassing… https://t.co/x9QizDUmJt


18 hours ago


RT @sparkIy: me helping my vs me dealing friends with with my own their problems problems https://t.co/…


just now

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