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Laura Ingraham

George W. Bush left office with a 34% approval, a terrible economy and unpopular wars. He was in the 30s and even… https://t.co/Vhp7hUlElD


23 hours ago

Marcel Dirsus

Trump has an approval rating of 6% in Germany based on data collected before the attack on the Capitol so it's prob… https://t.co/lnQR3Ttf15


11 hours ago

Benjamin Gold

RT @epflcswccm: Americans' Mental Health Ratings Sink to New Low https://t.co/ajyXOcI5EP @CGIBHS @finkshrink @DrHowardLiu @nasw @MentalHeal…


4 minutes ago

Robert Showah

The first link is the 2020 Gallup survey released earlier this week. Here's the 2019 survey: https://t.co/RRyKHuas- g9


8 minutes ago

Justin Ikeako

@CodyTidwell9 @S1khTweets @ndrew67 @JStein_WaPo @AOC Starting to look like the facts aren't on your side... https://t.co/l7KRrZc- OFG


9 minutes ago

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'Once there’s accountability, you start seeing performance kick in straight after' We spoke with @NiteshSharoff,… https://t.co/QAIKDPVkMY


1 day ago

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