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David Sirota

I am honestly asking this: why does the NY Times feel the need to just fabricate this? I mean, this is empirical da… https://t.co/7Xz13lhvnE


3 days ago

David Sirota

@timb116 There was also an earlier Gallup poll. You should learn to use Google, dude. It will make you look less un… https://t.co/jIbd0hZQgo


9 hours ago

Sam Stein

A reminder that most polls show a majority of Americans opposing a border wall. https://t.co/hDwAj13Wja


5 days ago

Carolyn Charlton

RT @dbredesen: @alldaydanforth @KFloyd21 @SenSchumer Here are poll results for whether Americans want the wall. None imdicate a majority.…


30 minutes ago

@amervoices My thoughts are that on June 8, 2006, Barack Obama didn’t appear on this poll of Presidential front-run… https://t.co/ADXB0mFlLd


42 minutes ago

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Ted Lieu

Dear @realDonaldTrump: Remember when you signed an order reversing your child separation policy? Do you have memory… https://t.co/f0noUHtK0u


7 hours ago

Wayne Dupree 🎧

100-plus year old stable organization never saw days like this with dwindling memberships until this forced "gender… https://t.co/s99QL92jDv


1 day ago

Jack Montgomery ن

The petition to tell the EU "no deal", cancel the £39 billion we were going to give them in exchange for nothing at… https://t.co/1O6WWKba7Z


1 day ago

The God of Cities

@DarinColville @MaggieKMaggieK1 @JstnGreen1 @para82nd_1 @CunningSq16 @dogthecat3 @sander1957 @eyelovezz… https://t.co/aBNx5tUi3A


just now

Mama Shawtyy 🦋

RT @OMGitsAngiee_: I have so much bottled up where I want to vent my heart out with my problems but I feel I would just bother ppl...


just now

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