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Ronna McDaniel

The latest Gallup Poll shows that the majority of Americans want Judge Barrett on the bench. Even Senate Democrat… https://t.co/OJiiMc85Ty


1 week ago


IMPORTANT➡️ A majority of Americans SUPPORT confirming Judge Amy Coney Barrett. It’s clear: Americans are rejecti… https://t.co/SpTV9mVDzP


1 week ago

Senator John Cornyn

51% in U.S. Want Amy Coney Barrett Seated on Supreme Court https://t.co/vWjBtAEIiQ


1 week ago

The Keystone Take

RT @nbeaudrot: World Cloud aside, I suppose it's worth noting that if you ask "who do you think is more honest and trustworthy", Biden wins…


30 minutes ago

🏖️🌴Raptors Florida Fanatic 🇨🇦🏀🇺🇲

@lindyli @OutsiderNba @ReallyAmerican1 Against the will of the people? https://t.co/aQrrYde- lwz https://t.co/1JgEfN2CEU


31 minutes ago

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Kamala Harris

On the day that @JoeBiden announced I was joining the ticket, @PadmaLakshmi shared a photo of her mother and her ne… https://t.co/eTl6vkOnRH


1 day ago

tyler oakley

if you know anyone in Texas, now is the time to call or text them about why their vote for Biden matters. 👀 https://t.co/D1phC0jRoD


1 day ago

Evan McMullin 🇺🇸

I hear some principled Republicans say they can’t vote for a Democrat because they don’t support their party’s agen… https://t.co/Uts62z6WkG


1 day ago

Linda KWS

RT @MaddowBlog: So you already voted but you still want to help and participate in the election? @staceyabrams has advice on what you can d…


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