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Democrats are unified on key issues including guns, taxes, labor unions and global warming. https://t.co/lbkW7oz3oj https://t.co/6EH92ArSr5


1 day ago

Michael Shermer

As race relations improve over the decades perception of same have declined https://t.co/abd0ekYJbJ Why? People tra… https://t.co/8ZP9BlNPaP


1 day ago

Thomas Favalora

RT @jennycohn1: Hillary was voted the most admired woman in the world for 17 years. But most have forgotten that thanks to Cambridge Analyt…


7 minutes ago

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Joyce Alene

Good morning. Yesterday, we learned that the Trump Administration is running, not walking, to transfer sensitive nu… https://t.co/UvKXFRPFXX


15 hours ago

Imam Mohamad Tawhidi

Hi @ImranKhanPTI You just said that problems can be resolved by dialogue. So why did you get married 3 times?… https://t.co/ezUTDfjoNG


16 hours ago

Hillary Clinton

An excellent Q&A with @DrLeanaWen of Planned Parenthood touching on the crisis of rising maternal mortality rates i… https://t.co/vn8jIKt1HY


7 hours ago

Max Mannis

@aubrey_huff vs. @MrBrianKenny in the octagon live from @sabr Analytics 2019. I'm here for it. https://t.co/wcOe5Df7fp


just now


RT @SenseToken: "Ethereum did not #makesense. We started BUIDLing Sense Chat, like many other founders, on Ethereum when doing the token sa…


just now

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