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Frank Luntz

Trump’s 44.1% approval rating is higher than Obama’s was (39%) in mid-September 2011. 👉🏻 https://t.co/fsAbSdC6Xp https://t.co/6PR20aNHNU


13 hours ago

Hen Mazzig

In case you missed it: Gallup found that 95% of Jews have favorable views of Israel. So if you mostly hear from A… https://t.co/Qe1oXk5LnR


1 day ago

Peter Baker

In the history of ⁦@Gallup⁩ polling, only one president (Carter) had a lower approval rating at this stage of his f… https://t.co/RHcL0QO6g3


1 day ago

Uncle Rico 🏔🏈💨

Want proof that most Americans don't even want what the two major parties are selling? Here you go. This is why two… https://t.co/0PTJTeerTF


just now

OccuWorld 🏴

Western anticommunists: “Why don’t you ask Eastern Europeans who actually lived through communism how they like it?… https://t.co/HxjsLzVbBd


4 minutes ago

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Mr. Banzai🔜TwitchCon

@Lowco2525 I think it helps to remember that advice can work but still be toxic advice. Twitch gives broadcasters a… https://t.co/p1WDoJwtLN


5 days ago

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