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Enrico Olivelli

RT @infoworld: Pub/sub messaging: Apache Kafka vs. Apache Pulsar - https://t.co/WIcjk92yaW #ApacheKafka #ApachePulsar #Confluent #Streamlio…


47 seconds ago

Mandarin SA

RT @enricomolinari: Do we know a new tools tha help us pick the right #cloud configuration? >> @stratorob via @enricomolinari #cybersec #m…


1 minute ago

The JavaScript Lab

"What’s new in Angular: Angular 8 beta is here" #JavaScript https://t.co/l4Q3E1ItVF


18 minutes ago

Apache Pulsar

RT @infoworld: Pub/sub messaging: Apache Kafka vs. Apache Pulsar - https://t.co/WIcjk92yaW #ApacheKafka #ApachePulsar #Confluent #Streamlio…


25 minutes ago


New #cloud monitoring and cloud management tools are becoming self-learning, with both pros and cons. Which side of… https://t.co/HgJM504j3L


33 minutes ago

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Mufti Ismail Menk

Social media is making us forget how to interact with people in real-life. For some, posting what they want others… https://t.co/d0KnuVC5R4


1 day ago

Dinesh D'Souza

Damage control! Here the slimy dishonest perpetrators of the greatest fraud in modern history attempt to vindicate… https://t.co/EwdCbUft8q


1 day ago

Kyle Cheney

Mueller's broader findings are out but we still got virtually no insight on any of these 25 subplots we know Muelle… https://t.co/fXmSrclLkC


7 hours ago

#WorcestershireHour® 📢

RT @CleaningTechniq: Good evening #WorcestershireHour certainly feels like spring is here. Could your business benefit from a Spring clean?…


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Laura Cooper

RT @five_books: “I see the US as an anomaly. I travel all around the world and see a green technology revolution taking place. Either the U…


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