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Kirk Borne at #DS4all

#Pandas 1.0 release brings big breaking changes for the powerful #Python data analysis library, removing a great de… https://t.co/RR6jWx8wRP


4 days ago

Kirk Borne at #DS4all

#Amazon‘s open source toolkit for automated #MachineLearning #AutoGluon makes it easier for software developers,… https://t.co/lVE4f5Zv9K


4 days ago

Dave Mauney

I would’ve expected a slight decline, at least. https://t.co/AZdKBJWbqH


21 minutes ago


Understand 'as is' before you migrate to the cloud https://t.co/VmKyMo4ppb https://t.co/YV5ATTy0Py


26 minutes ago

Radio Macuto GE

AND THE CRISIS DEEPENS EVERY DAY The government would continue to make serious, reckless and irresponsible mistake… https://t.co/xa07wpE2Hw


34 minutes ago

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Kyle Cheney

A little insight into how calculated this was. McSally attacked Manu in the 10am hour. She had registered the doma… https://t.co/LkgF15SupK


6 hours ago

Joe Scarborough

A great insight on Trump: “When Trump says he knows everything, he knows nothing. When Trump says he knows nothin… https://t.co/uXbx23lhwU


20 hours ago


앞으로 애플 '아이폰' 충전 케이블 삼성 '갤럭시'랑 똑같아진다 #애플 #아이폰 #충전 #케이블 https://t.co/gPJtVh10qg


19 hours ago

TiNeg #Balbecue a.

Our people so behind when it comes to technology https://t.co/rJW3g2HJJR


just now

🌏💧Not So

RT @DoctorKarl: We have the technology/science needed to successfully start the reversal of Global Warming. We just need the Political De…


just now

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