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As we begin returning to a more normal state of operations, there’s one thing we know for sure - #cloudcomputing is… https://t.co/EPb4XJPx6t


18 minutes ago

Rafael del Nero

RT @RafaDelNero: Does Java pass by reference or pass by value? Here’s what happens when you pass an object reference to a method in Java:…


28 minutes ago

SingleStore Developers

"Lock-in is the dirty little secret of public cloud computing. Cloud engineers have whispered it for years, but mor… https://t.co/1u3otWM3ZU


29 minutes ago

Joben Yuki

RT @shanebrighton: 3 creative ways to obtain cloud talent https://t.co/6uF671mpBI #Cloud #CloudComputing #DigitalTransformation


36 minutes ago

Smart Business Insight

RT @InfoWorld: Search for #R video tutorials by task, topic, or package. Most videos are shorter than 10 minutes — by @sharon000. https://t…


41 minutes ago

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Trisha Greenhalgh

Every year I retweet this piece on how to spot drowning. Last year someone replied saying they’d read my RT the pre… https://t.co/xV7zCNDfm7


6 hours ago

Justice For Myanmar

The #Myanmar junta's #COVID19 propaganda gives insight into the Kafkaesque reality they're trying to manufacture. I… https://t.co/lCLGY3qJ4N


14 hours ago

Mohandas Pai

‘Body Shopping’ this empty cranium is merely abusive,does not understand technology services,does not understand in… https://t.co/5YjxZ2xOn6


1 day ago


@PoisonedMarine @ChuckCallesto His name is on the patent for mRNA technology that became a part of the Covid “vaccines”


just now


RT @Shayan86: Kate Shemirani says "5G is a direct energy weapon". "In your injections, the hydrogel is a conduit, it has an antenna that li…


just now

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