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Vijay Sairam

Public clouds and big tech target low-code capabilities https://t.co/UUloAOK3cE via @infoworld @appsheet @googlecloud


1 hour ago


Public clouds and big tech target low-code capabilities https://t.co/jGMkivVyG7 https://t.co/2AXUm4gFfu


2 hours ago

Machine Learning Bot

RT @coding64: Learn machine learning and PyTorch: The best free online courses and tutorials https://t.co/6gwVK1YP0w #100D- aysOfCode #PyTor…


2 hours ago

Isaac Sacolick

RT @star_cio: Big tech including @Microsoft, @Google, @Oracle, @Apple, @SAP, and @AWS are joining the low-code game, offering platforms to…


2 hours ago

like and retweet Bot

RT @DD_Wen_: What is Keras? The deep neural network API explained https://t.co/8axpBlowHm


2 hours ago

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Polícia Federal

A Polícia Federal deflagrou, hoje (23/11), a Operação Enterprise para combater crimes de lavagem de dinheiro do trá… https://t.co/ZGuSz4wGzD


13 hours ago

E! News

Exclusive: #BTS gave us insight into why they named their album Life Goes On. ❤️ https://t.co/2CEUUJFZ4U


6 hours ago

Ajit Pai

Pleased to announce that @FCC will host a Quantum Internet Forum on Dec. 15! I look forward to hearing from experts… https://t.co/9WZL9vfkL2


9 hours ago

Silas P. Silas

They’ve had like 6 years + NextGen technology to fix all the problems players have been complaining about for years… https://t.co/A4owugglpJ


just now


RT @muse_enterprise: \懸賞専門誌 懸賞なび連動キャンペーン/ 三連休初日!クリアファイル・- シール・ペンの3点セット3名、YOYOGI CITYフェイスタオル5名のどちらかランダムで合計8名様に- 当たる!! 応募方法 ① @navi_kogane と @…


just now

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